Maitreya Buddha Project Kushinagar Is On The Move! Summary of Late 2016 Activities & 2017 Plans & Events

2016 was a great year for Maitreya Buddha Project and 2017 is unfolding with much activity and work already starting on the land!  Things are moving fast after many years in limbo waiting for the handover of land.

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August 2016

The State Government of Uttar Pradesh graciously handed over the land for Maitreya Buddha Project in Kushinagar.


Venerable Kabir Saxena was appointed Director of the Project.

December 10th

Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Spiritual Director of the Project met with Maitreya Buddha Project Trustees in Delhi.

December 11th

Tushita Centre Delhi hosted His Holiness the Dalai Lama at the 21st Annual Dharma Celebration. The packed event at the Ashoka Hotel was an opportunity for Maitreya Buddha Project to offer an updated video presentation.

In a private audience, His Holiness met Lama Zopa Rinpoche and Maitreya Buddha Project Trustees. His Holiness reviewed the Project site plan showing the Maitreya Site contiguous to the Parinirvana Temple and Lord Buddha’s Ramabhar Cremation Stupa. His Holiness advised the Trustees to ensure the Project becomes a vibrant centre of Buddhist study and learning.

December 15th

On December 15th a groundbreaking ceremony was held on the Kushinagar land site. Honourable Minister Brahma Shankar Tripathi was present.

Prayers were offered by monks from the Kushinagar Thai and Tibetan temples, as well as by local Hindu Priests. The ceremony was led by Ven Kabir Saxena.

January 2017 – Work begins on site

Work has already begun on the land. The most auspicious task is to bring the 24 feet Maitreya Buddha statue from Bodhgaya, and to ceremonially receive Maitreya onto the land in Kushinagar. This will happen in late January following the Kalachakra Initiation in Bodhgaya. A temporary temple will be constructed to accommodate Maitreya as well as statues, texts, and other religious art works that have been patiently awaiting the chance to manifest on the Kushinagar land.

Moving Maitreya to Kushinagar

The magnificent 24 feet statue is a key part part of Maitreya Project’s history. The fascinating story of the statue’s creation will be posted separately.

January – Mobile Clinic Launch & Planning the 200 ft. (62 m) Maitreya Buddha Statue

During January 2017, The Project officially launches Maitreya Medical Project with a team travelling around local villages with the Project’s Mobile Clinic. Planning for the construction of the main 200 feet Maitreya Buddha statue has already begun and the development team is being re-mobilised after a long time.

Please help us realize the vision!

For all this to happen we need not only your prayers and goodwill but also your continued generous and open-hearted support. Thank you all so very much,

Kabir Saxena
Bhikshu Sumati Sasana,
Director, Maitreya Buddha Project Kushinagar.

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