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Every donation, no matter how small or large, is important. The Maitreya Buddha Project Kushinagar is a socio spiritual charitable initiative under the auspices of the Maitreya Project Trust, registered with the Government of India in 2003. Our resources are dedicated towards our statue project and other social activities. Pan Number: AABTM5920G.

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General Donation

General donations will be applied towards the development of the Maitreya Buddha Kushinagar site and the construction of the Maitreya Buddha statue which will be the focal point of the Project. Spiritual Director Lama Zopa Rinpoche explains anyone who contributes any amount – even just one paisa, becomes a builder of the Project.

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Blanket Distribution

During the coldest time of the year when temperatures drop to freezing, our annual blanket initiative distributes heavy woollen blankets to the poor, destitute, street sleepers, lepers, orphanages, old people’s homes, and others in need. The cost of one blanket is currently Rs.375. Over the last two winters our team has distributed 3,400 blankets all funded by donations.

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Mosquito Nets

During the summer months our team distributes mosquito nets to the poor in local villages who are especially susceptible to mosquito borne disease including malaria, elephantitis, and dengue fever. All year-round, our team distributes mosquito nets to the burn and trauma wards in local hospitals to keep flies and mosquitoes away from patients’ open wounds. The cost of one quality net is currently Rs.175

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