About the Maitreya Buddha Project Kushinagar

Kushinagar, located in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India, is one of the eight great places of Buddhist pilgrimage. Kushinagar is also the place where Maitreya Buddha Project will build a large Maitreya Buddha Statue and develop the Maitreya Buddha Kushinagar Project. 

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According to Buddhist scriptures, Maitreya will be the next Buddha and will embody and teach the path of loving-kindness. Maitreya Buddha Project is based on the premise that loving-kindness is the cause of peace and that “inner peace” within individuals is the direct cause of “outer peace” among families, communities and nations.

The Maitreya Buddha statue will be the centre piece of a landscaped park which will contain halls for prayer and meditation and shrine rooms filled with spiritual art.

Outreach: Healthcare

Surrounding the Maitreya Buddha Project site, the State Government of Uttar Pradesh has set up the Kushinagar Special Development Area Authority to support the planned development of the area around the Project. Within the Kushinagar Special Development Area, Maitreya Buddha Project has already begun a mobile healthcare initiative. This will provide healthcare services, particularly for the underprivileged in Kushinagar and surrounding villages.

Outreach: Education

The Maitreya Universal Educational Project offers a vision for education that emphasizes ethical and spiritual development as well as academic achievement.

Outreach: Economic

The Maitreya Buddha Project will catalyze the development of the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh and other sites within the “Buddhist Circuit” as an area of pilgrimage and tourism. During the construction and afterwards in the operation of the Maitreya Buddha Project complex, there will be hundreds of direct and indirect employment opportunities.

Maitreya Buddha Project’s vision integrates spiritual, educational, healthcare and economic benefits with technological advancement and environmental responsibility. The project is being designed and built to international standards of “best practice” and aspires to become a model of socially responsible and sustainable development.

As the Project and its spiritual and social work are planned to thrive and continue developing for at least 1000 years, the Maitreya Buddha Project holds the potential to bring incalculable and sustainable benefit.