Maitreya Project Kushinagar 2016 Annual Winter Blanket Distribution Program

Thanks once again to our kind and generous donors, this winter Maitreya Buddha Project was able to distribute 1,000 heavy woolen blankets to the poor and needy around Kushinagar during January 2016, the coldest time of the year, when temperatures fall to freezing at night. Please click here to read an account of the distribution effort that was filed by Advocate Atul Chopra, Legal Counsel to Maitreya Project Trust, who, as in previous years, led the Blanket Distribution initiative.

This is an annual program the Project intends to continue during the coldest time of the year. During the summer months the Project intends to continue the distribution of mosquito nets to help prevent mosquito-borne diseases which seriously affect especially the very poor in the Kushinagar area. If you would like to contribute towards either of these programs or to contribute generally to Maitreya Buddha Project in Kushinagar, please click on the button below.


Last winter, through your kind donations, Maitreya Project Trust was able to distribute approximately 2,400 good quality heavy woolen blankets to people in need around Kushinagar and Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. Please visit this page for a full update on the 2015 Blanket Distribution campaign and visit our photo galleries for more.