August 19, 2016: A Landmark Is Reached! State signs over land to Maitreya Project Trust in Kushinagar!


On August 19th 2016, State Government of Uttar Pradesh signed over about 200 acres of land to Maitreya Project Trust in Kushinagar

We are delighted to announce that on August 19th 2016, the State Government of Uttar Pradesh formally and most generously, handed over about 200 acres of land in Kushinagar to Maitreya Buddha Project Kushinagar.

The land is extraordinarily precious in that it is adjacent to the Maha Parinirvana Temple denoting the place where Shakyamuni Buddha passed into Maha Parinirvana. On three sides the land encloses the Ramabhar Stupa – the cremation site of Shakyamuni Buddha. The land is even more auspicious as it is predicted that when Maitreya Buddha appears on this earth, he will be born in Kushinagar.


Maitreya Buddha Project is most grateful to Honourable Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and all the State Government officials who have assisted over the years, in the complex legal process culminating in today’s handover.

The Project is indebted to Spiritual Director Lama Zopa Rinpoche who since the passing of Project founder, Lama Thubten Yeshe, has ensured Maitreya Project continues despite many difficulties.

The Project is equally indebted to FPMT Inc, the lead sponsor of the Project and to the other amazing individual donors who have so generously continued to fund the Project even though at times it seemed this moment would never come.

The Project is also deeply grateful to the local population who have graciously facilitated this historic moment.

On this page are pictures taken August 19, 2016, at the handover signing by State Government of Uttar Pradesh and Maitreya Project Trust. This event formally handed over the land to Maitreya Project.

Present are Special Secretary deputed by State Government Mr Surya Mani Lalchand, Maitreya Project Trust Chairperson Venerable Kabir Saxena, Maitreya Project Trust legal advisor Advocate Atul Chopra.


Now after tirelessly working on legalities, the work on site can begin!

  • The first critical task is fencing the 15 kilometres (9.3 miles) of site boundary.
  • Also of major importance is to relocate the 7.4 m (24 feet) high Maitreya statue, from Bodhgaya to the Kushinagar land. The Project is planning a ceremony to receive Maitreya Buddha onto the land as soon as possible.
  • The Project will also build a shrine to accommodate the amazing collection of Holy Relics that Lama Zopa Rinpoche has kindly assigned to the site.
  • The skeleton team that has overseen the legal work for the last 16 years must now expand to include local onsite management, a small office, security, communications and basic infrastructure.
  • We begin strategically master planning the site and are seeking professional help with the process.



At this moment as site work is finally starting we urgently need your help and support. Please donate generously to help us complete the fencing, Maitreya Buddha statue relocation, and setting up our site office and facilities.

>You may donate by clicking here.  Donations may be made from within India and Internationally.<

Thank you everyone most sincerely for so patiently following, supporting, and encouraging the Project over so many years,

The Maitreya Buddha Project Kushinagar Team


Ven Kabir Saxena on behalf of Maitreya Project Trust and Special Secretary Mr Surya Mani Lalchand signing on behalf of State Government of Uttar Pradesh with Maitreya Project Legal Counsel Advocate Atul Chopra verifying documentation.


The Handover Handshake


The entire Handover Team in the Registrar’s Office Kushinagar, with Sub Registrar Mrs Anupam Pandey (Centre left) Presiding


Ven Kabir offering blessing to Mrs Anupam Pandey after the signing


Ven Kabir addressing the media outside the Registrar’s Office, Kushinagar