UPDATE on Work at the Maitreya Project site-January-April

Work has been proceeding apace since we started on January 6th this year. A work force of about 15 plus a supervisor have been digging and laying foundations, raising the land level where construction is ongoing, and constructing a boundary wall in this small section of our large 200 acre site. Before the rains arrive in July we plan to have shifted the 24ft prototype from Bodh Gaya to create a focus of interest and prayerful practice on site.


Earth filling in progress to raise the
construction area level to avoid flooding.

Work team with Director Kabir Saxena and Advocate Atul Chopra in the centre.

River Hiranyavati

The river Hiranyavati also winds its way through the land

Ramabhar stupa

The Ramabhar stupa on the site of Lord Buddha’s cremation

We are awaiting the right moment to start the final land measurements so we can mark our boundaries accurately following which we can then start the very important process of topographical survey followed by a fengshui report by an eminent international expert.